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2011: Guide to Updating Your Application in the New System

  1. Login to your account from the Educator Login Box
  2. Figure 1: Welcome Panel
    Once logged in, you will see Welcome [Your Name], at the top left and a series of numbered steps below it.
    • The Welcome panel allows you to (a) administer your username/password, (b) modify application visibility and will even allow you to (c) completely delete your application account.
    • We strongly suggest you complete the (a) Security Question and Answer fields. This helps us to identify you if you need to call us for your username and/or password.

  3. Figure 2: Step 1 * Required Fields
    • All the fields in Step 1 are required and must be completed in order for you to make your application visible to potential employers.
      • * Though the fields in Step 1 must be complete for application visibility, it is recommended that you fill out the entire application as completely as possible before making your application visible to potential employers
    • There are 8 parts in Step 1. Move through each part by clicking 'Save & Next' at the bottom right of each part.

  4. Figure 3: Steps 4-9 & 11
    • Each of these steps (References, Student Teaching, Employment, etc..) can have multiple records.
    • A record under one of these steps can be set to invisible (a), even if the whole application is visible. So, potential employers can see your application when it is visible, but will not see any sub-record that is marked invisible.
    • Records can be ordered by (b) position number. Position number 1 will list first and so on.
    • When you finish managing the records in one of these steps, you must click the next step to continue.

  5. * Be sure click Save or Save & Next before continuing to the next part or step.

Figure 1: Welcome Tab
Figure 1 (click to enlarge)

Figure 2: Required Panel
Figure 2 (click to enlarge)

Figure 3: Sub-Records
Figure 3 (click to enlarge)